02 Sep

MARIO KART 7: A Glimpse With Emulateur 3ds

If you haven’t got emulateur 3ds for yourself then Mario Kart 7 can be the single reason for you to do so. This game takes the whole 3DS thing to a new level. Even considering the bench mark this game franchise has already set, Mario Kart 7 is still a giant leap forward. The game is easily one of the best looking Mario Kart with 60fps and 3D graphics that looks quite solid. The game is a window to the 3D world and every time 3D is turned off you will get an urge to want it back again.

It got all the graphics that we want but what about the gameplay? Thankfully it’s better than its predecessors. The races are close but not much chaotic. The weapon balancing and power-ups depend upon your location in the field.


Further it’s kind of weird feeling to know that when you will be approach the finish line at first place a blue shell will blow you up. But without it, it won’t be the Mario Kart.


The first tracks are quite superb, Cheep Cheep Cape and Melody Motorway steals the show. The other half isn’t as interesting as the last one, when compared to the looks and the track design. The short cuts are there on the track to reward better Kart control, gameplay and clever thinking.

Courses are scattered with tight turns and some deadly traps. Opponents will try to nudge you by throwing items on you or by slamming you with their Karts. The constant fight and urge to win the race builds up the excitement.

Driving is the main key of the game but that doesn’t mean the battle has taken a side-line. Items have been rebalanced ensuring that drivers can stay at the top position once he acquires it. One of the best features is the tanooki tail; it can bat away shells and even drivers if they get too aggressive.


The game contains 17 characters out of which 8 are available from the start. Each of them has their own features so decide carefully before picking anyone.


Just like the previous ones, Mario Kart 7 is best played against human opponents rather than going up against AI. It allows up to 8 players to take part either online or locally. It also allows you to share your game if they don’t have their own. Going head to head against hard core drivers are load of fun, you go on for hours and still you will find something new in it.

All in the Box

Mario Kart 7 still holds the similar framework that has been present in the franchise for ages. The new addition such as kart customization and hang gliding along with balanced items eliminate the stale feeling. From the racing perspective, it is the finest entry in the long term franchise and the awesome track design compels you to drive smart and drive inventive. If you are looking for a head on racing competition with your friends then this is something just for you.

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